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 Princess Forum Mod App.

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PostSubject: Princess Forum Mod App.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:12 am

Name :

IGN/ForumName :

Location :

GMT 10:00

Age :

Why should we hire you? :
First of all, a reason to hire me, is that I'm able to be extremely active not just on forums, but also in-game. Secondly, I'll moderate the forums and create a safe and welcoming friendly community. Lastly, I'll welcome new-comers with a warm welcome and be happy to spend as much time in the forums as possible.

What can you do to help us? :
I would conduct the appropriate punishment for all spammers, hacker and/or abusers in not only the forums, but also in-game. I would gladly help out new individuals who need assistance, and I would also spend as much time on the server and forums, as possible. I'll lock threads or move them if necessary, and shall do everything in my power to complete every tasks which is required/asked.

Any Experience? :
In pure and total honesty, I have not much of experience as a Forum Moderator but I know the expectations and shall moderate the forums to the best of my ability.

Are you famous in the community? :
Although my reputation is already quite strong, I enjoy creating new friendships with new-commers and the rest of the community who do not already know me.

Contact Info :
Msn :
Phone : Ask if needed

Thank you for taking your time to go through my application, and I Pray I will be accepted. ;)
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Revive GunZ Owner
Revive GunZ Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Princess Forum Mod App.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:54 pm

We're not accepting forum mod atm .
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Princess Forum Mod App.
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