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 Bankai Has Returned To GunZ.

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PostSubject: Bankai Has Returned To GunZ.   Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:16 am

Alright, My Name is Bankai (For i Shall not tell you my real name)

My Experience in GunZ is a little over 5 years, and all those 5 years, i'v been Strictly SWORD. No Exceptions, Even in DM's i only use sword, i dont even carry Ranged weapons, Grenades, NOTHING.

Now, i know what you all are thinking...Wow...he must suck.

Try saying that to A Perfected Dragon Gate + QBF(Yes QBF) Insta.

No, i am NOT bragging, there are other sections of the forums that are for that, i'm just telling you what i'm about.

I'm not sure WHY i chose revive gunz, it just seemed to be a nice name to go along with the Revival of my Old Name...[Bankai]
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Bankai Has Returned To GunZ.
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