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 yammy GM application

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PostSubject: yammy GM application   Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:23 pm

Name: josef mendoza

In-Game Name:yammy



Time Zone: australia time zone 6+

Previous Experience: i have played different gunz for a long time since im 13 yrs old..

Applying For:GM (or any position you have)

Activity Time: 4-5 Hours a day on weekdays and 2-3 hours a day on weekends.

What I can do for the server:
I would Definately get rid of those People abusing the rules rg. hacking/glitching/bug abusing also i would try to serve the community as good as i can which my knowledge.I enjoy helping other players, and I love the ability to restrict the ability to play or speak to those who think they can be better then us by hacking or spamming. It's just not funny or interesting for us, and they need to be stopped as soon as possible. That's one of the reasons why I wish to be GM, because my playing time often puts me at the opposite times compared to most of the current GM team.

I would be as active and as helpful as i can. I will deal out the punishments to those who need to be punished.
- I will not put someone above someone else. Rules are Rules, when you break them, you'll get warned/banned. Hackers, User's and insulting GM will result a permanent ban. Spammers will get a warning to stop spamming, if they insist they will get disconnected but if they insist again then it will result a mute for X day, depending on the situation. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but be glad that people clear those mistakes, and don't say I don't care. And like every GM does, I'll work as hard as I can, to make everything possible for the featured members. People are expecting much from this server, but we will make this server so great that you would look and suddenly your eyes would pop out. If any players or even if any staff are in needs of help, then I will be there to assist them and if the reason I gave wasn't enough then I'll keep trying, until it'll work.

I'am not going to lie and say my life's goal is to ban all hackers from revivegunZ, It's what almost every other application has on it. I will say I will do my very best and put forth 110% to banning hackers, but what interests me most of the GM position would be Hosting Event's. I find that the most fun, please trust me when I say I take thing's seriously so there will be time for fun and time to do my job as a GM and ban hackers and keeprevivegunz under control.

Why I should be hired:because the server needs a good and active staff members...and also i will invite more players..

Languages spoken: English

Proof that you have been GM somewhere else: i cant really proof but i promise that i will work hard to this server and show improvement...


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PostSubject: Re: yammy GM application   Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:00 pm

Funny application and trying to apply for game master position with just 1 post? rofl
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yammy GM application
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