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 HardStyle Apply By Trial Gm or GM

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PostSubject: HardStyle Apply By Trial Gm or GM   Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:18 am

HardStyle GM Apply

I'm Adrian del Rosario,
but you can call me Aders which is part of my full name(ADrian dEl RoSario, observe Capitalization)


I am 18 years old of age.

In game name (IGN):


About me:

I am simple and optimistic in the things I do. I seldom express bad about something because I always think twice that life is worth happiness and being sad must be seldom and expressive.

I live in Metro Manila, Philippines. I have a little sister in the age of 7. I am a real life friend of Nathzi who is residing near our neighborhood.

My hobbies are basketball, swimming and computer games. Having much computer time improved my I.T. mind and skill. I am also literate at Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver(PHP/HTML), and C++/Java(Basic). My course at school is BS IT major in DA that is why I am prone to Art and Programming. I love movies very much, every week I watch a movie but mostly my times goes to schoolwork and games. I like to read quotes but not long novels.

At Revive GunZ, I am the creator of the longest Clan alive for about 3 years, Esperanto. Together with friends, we made this clan possible enough to strengthen our friendship.
I am considered a lagger because of my distance. I am located at South East Asia and my country surrounded my large amount of water beside China sea that is why our ping is high. I find this game fun because it's fast phased yet it is a lot funner with friends.

Political Views:
The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action.

Religious Views:
He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.

I am a religious person with a straight thought about how the way good things work.
I tend to equalize my self from others of all relation because I always store this static thought in mind that as humans we are equal in heart, mind and soul.

How active are you?:

Everyday when I am home, there is always a time that I am online because my parents are not strict about it. Often time I abuse of sleeping late that sometimes I don't even sleep when I get to school.

My school schedule this term is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The rest goes to no class of 3 days. The only hard time is Thursday because I got this class of morning till night but to conclude it, my schedule is pretty quite loose.

To add up, before the old client got reset.
I was the top in gameplay time which means I am very active.

Do you meet all of the requirements?

I do meet all the requirements.

Do you have any experience with being a game moderator? (No need to mention names of servers):

I have never experience being a game moderator.

Why should you be accepted as a staff member? What can you contribute to us?:

You should accept me as a game moderator because I aim to make this server better in this community.

I have this advantage of being at the east as Asian since there are lots of western game moderators. Many players know me because of my long-term existence in the community. With this they may easily know who to consult if they have game problem.

I am a person of well-being and love.
I am always ready to help, and never to hurt.

Do you speak any other languages beside English?:

English: I am very literate at written English and a bit good at spoken.
German: I speak and write my language very good.


I would be surprise if a normal player would read all of what I have wrote for he is a man of awareness.

Thank you for having my time.
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HardStyle Apply By Trial Gm or GM
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